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Posted on May 30, 2009
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Currently, all features and facade of internet are effectively handled by Google.Now Google is also creating its presence in the field of social networking, which was initially not found.Soon, google social networking will be the standard for social networking, as Google has become the standard for many things, including searching through search engines, paid advertising, e-mail, calendar and even web applications and web documents.We all are aware that social networking websites are beginning to take over the world, at least online.

Social networking is now made simple with ClickBank Quantumand so have a look at the article now.

Facebook and Myspace are the two huge social networking sites which offers best platform to meet other people, promote companies, and reach to the potential clients.These social networking websites are been used by number of people as well as companies.The best way for a company to reach to a potential market and vast group of customers is by effectively using social networking website.Just when you thought that the community networking thing may have completely reached its maximum threshold, Google social networking shows up at the party with a completely new project. At the party Google came up with its own networking site called Orkut.Though Orkut sounds bizarre, it is looked as a serious competitor when it is compared with other online social network websites.

From Latin to Asia to America, Orkut has managed to gained good complete fame, and slowly it is also becoming popular among citizens of United States.Google social networking is trying to become a very large giant online, and dominating the social networking market is one of the ways that this can be achieved.Myspace and Facebook have branded themselves for a longer period and now Google social networking wants to take their position.Since past year, the popularity of Orkut in China and Japan has increased three times which includes above 11 million followers in 1 month.

Whether Google’s Orkut, in United States, will becomes a huge social networking site like MySpace and Facebook will be known as the time unfolds.For sure, Google is well aware of its role and the way to achieve success in the project like many others successful projects completed.If Google can figure out how to offer more than what the other social networking sites are offering, then they can certainly get in on the action that these other social networking sites are already capitalizing on.

Register your Google account today, if you are still not utilizing Orkut, and have a look at it.You are already halfway through the registration process if you have a Gmail account or another account with Google, so jump online and start putting your profile together today for Google Social Networking.

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